Our Approach


Purity – taste – touch – smell – sight
Traditional craft – passion – skill

 Classical training and skills, the starting point

Add the finest ingredients

Add respect for the ingredients

From suppliers chosen for their shared values, quality and commitment to ethical husbandry

Nothing wasted, nose to tail, root to stalk, no flavours and textures foregone, culinary joy and ethical imperative

Natural, pure, healthy

Add the finest ingredients:

from nature, our own, grown and foraged locally for us, over 70 different herbs and many old variety vegetables, allowing us to adjust the dishes daily, even taking advantage of flowers that blossom for only a few days

from top quality sources which we visit, usually small scale, artisan, producers, sharing our passion for purity, flavour, the old ways and the old varieties

seasonality a given, for full, fresh, natural flavour, ringing the changes, proper husbandry and respect for sustainability

Understand them, what they bring to a dish, how they will work subtly with other flavours and visually with their colours, how they have been used over the centuries

Cooked simply, with balance and restraint, to allow the natural flavours to sing for themselves

Celebration of vegetables and herbs

Grass-fed, rare breed animals, with unstressed, natural lives

Ultra-fresh sea food, not on the endangered list, caught in sustainable ways, from sustainable sources.

No farmed fish

Eggs, genuinely organic and free range

Milk and cream organic

Our ice creams and sorbets entirely natural and made by us with some unusual inspirations drawn from nature around us over the year

Bread made here freshly, every day, with organic flours, by old fashioned methods

nose to tail and root to stalk cooking

no flavours and textures foregone

a culinary joy

an ethical imperative.

Natural, pure, healthy

No additives – no colouring – pure cooking methods – best olive oil – organic butter, often hand churned by us

Very low salt – using Cornish sea salt – very low sugar

Gentle and creative use of interesting spices to bring out flavours and reduce the need for salt and sugar in the old fashioned way

Purity – taste – touch – smell – sight
Traditional craft – passion – skill


Two short films were made when Kenneth won the Roux Scholarship, one of the final stage of the competition and the other of his time at Michelin 3-starred restaurant, Jean Georges on Central Park, New York.

When he was invited in 2015 by Slow Food UK to become a member of the Slow Food UK Chef Alliance, his interview with them was filmed. In it he explained why we attach so much importance to the guiding principles of the Slow Food Movement and how his Roux Scholars’ study visit to New York was an inspirational fit with everything that Slow Food UK is promoting and we strive to achieve here at The Dysart Petersham.

He was also filmed preparing and introducing a Spring vegetarian dish for the March part of the Global Knives’ and Roux Scholarship 2015 Calendar.

These films are in News and Events; to see them click here.


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