Ata Mara Wine Dinner – Thursday 19th September

Thursday 19th September, 7:00pm for 7:30pm

Janiene Bayliss and David Pratt, owners
Head Chef – Kenneth Culhane

Ata Mara is family owned and dedicated to producing elegant and appealing Pinot Noir and cool climate aromatic white wines from Central Otago, New Zealand.

Here at Ata Mara, we strive for excellence in our wines, tending the vines carefully to produce the best expression of our vineyard every year. Every season is different, and our vines react differently each year, not only as they age and express more individually of our site, but also because of the weather each season brings. Some seasons start hot and finish cool, others start cool and finish hot and others are up and down all season. It makes for exciting winemaking and because we are a single vineyard producer, exciting wines that really reflect in the bottle, the characteristics of each vintage.

Central Otago wines are different! The region enjoys a continental climate with hot days, cool nights, low humidity and lots of sunshine. This, combined with low fertility gravel based soils, makes wonderfully expressive wines.

The region is visually stunning! It offers all the best for which New Zealand has become renowned; mountains, lakes, open skies, a clean, clear environment and endless outdoors. Added to this are the fabulous wines Central Otago is famous for. While Pinot Noir takes centre stage, the cool climate white wines – Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Riesling and Grüner Veltliner are also superb.

Ata Mara Estate vineyard extends to 20 hectares, located on the terraces between Lake Dunstan and Mt Pisa, not far from the 45th parallel. The land here is flat with low fertility alluvial sandy soils interspersed with extensive gravel pans rising to the surface across much of the vineyard.

The vineyard is where our winemaking starts. Great wine needs top quality grapes and to produce top quality grapes we need to keep the vines healthy and manage our yields to produce ripe bunches with maximum flavours. At harvest, the best grapes are hand picked to avoid damage, selecting only those bunches that meet the ripeness and quality criteria. In this way, we know only the best fruit goes into making Ata Mara wine. The fruit is taken to the winery as it’s picked and the speed ensures all the goodness is kept in the grapes.

Our winemaker, Jo Gear has worked with us for many years and knows our vines well. Every vintage she walks the rows as the grapes ripen, tasting and testing to decide where the best grapes are to include in our Ata Mara wines. When harvest time arrives, our best grapes are carefully handpicked and taken to the winery where Pete Bartle and Jo join forces to create Ata Mara wines.

£85.00 per person
By reservation
(£50 per person deposit payable on booking)



Beau ash goats’ cheese, fermented pink gooseberry, hyssop
Cod brandade, smoked Exmoor caviar, lime leaf
2015 Sauvignon Blanc

Roast Somerset chicken, cumin spiced artichoke salad, apple and macadamia nut dressing
Cumin spiced artichoke salad, apple and macadamia nut dressing, garden herbs
2018 Grüner Veltliner

Aged acquerello rice kedgeree, pheasant egg, local rose petals, spiced bread
2015 Pinot Gris

Squid, local aubergine, noodles, roasted coconut dashi
Local aubergine, noodles, roasted coconut dashi
2015 Riesling

Creedy Carver duck, dragée and coffee, vanilla glazed Sussex turnips, lavender jus
Coffee baked beetroot tortellini, vanilla glaze, violet flower turnips
2016 Pinot noir

Petit Fours
Fruit and nut Valhrona chocolate

Vegetarian menu in grey
Table wines will be served in 125ml measures

Some dishes may contain traces of nuts / Vegetarian menu available
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