Giles Coren’s book: Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery

We are delighted:

not only to be included in this new book, hot off the shelves this month,
but also, of course, with the entry we have been given, the review by a highly respected food journalist and the comments of the editorial team.

There is so much of substance to the perspective of this book and its mission, so much of vital importance to nature and the public that for us to single out initially just two of the words they use about us is hopelessly simplistic, but so we are going to be, just for the moment :

‘simply magical’


because we always try to remember that our job is to inspire and delight;  responsibility is a given for us and yet must sit alongside pleasure. These qualities together are after all what make us want to do what we are doing here. One without the other would never satisfy. More seriously, therefore, we greatly appreciate these comments:

‘Rarely is such technical skill and high gastronomic ambition married to such an all-pervading commitment to sustainability.’

‘the product on the plate is World class’


We were also pleased with the comments on us in the new Good Food Guide 2019:

‘A fine position and an interior with its own ‘wow’ factor’

‘Kenneth Culhane’s cooking is a beacon in south-west London, his modern approach underpinned by a classical theme and driven by an awareness of the seasons and a grasp of flavour combinations that work.’

Finally, and hugely important to us, are the many supportive comments we receive from our customers, who appreciate what we are doing and whose pleasure it is our job and pleasure to enhance, amusingly and engagingly, summed up in just one thank you card last month!