New February menus at The Dysart Petersham

New February menus, fresh to freshen this dismal month, themes deeply rooted in our approach to ingredients, food and welcome:

  • premium quality, vegetables, herbs, fresh spices, meat and fish; equal excitement about each
  • pre-planning over the seasons, so we husband the abundance of each season for later
  • preservation bringing the flavours of other seasons to this one, as our forefathers did with traditional and sustainable wisdom, wasting nothing
  • preparation of everything by us with traditional methods by hand

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Our approach:

Purity – taste – touch – smell – sight
Traditional craft – Passion – Skill

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The mission statement of Jeunes Restaurateurs UK and Ireland of which we are founder members and of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe could not be much closer to ours:

‘Never-Ending Passion’ for innovation, imagination, inspiration, love and care for food and where it comes from, sustainability, biodiversity, honour to cultural heritage through modern food preparation, eating well, sustainably and healthily, creating dreams, emotions and a sense of magic, in essence bringing passion to the enjoyment of life and joy to guests. 
Barny Taylor and Kenneth Culhane