Recipe – Petersham garden salad

Petersham garden salad, asparagus and broad beans, white chocolate mayonnaise

The Dysart Arms Head Chef, Kenneth Culhane

00The composition of this salad changes with the rhythm of the garden; freshness, immediacy and purity of flavour is the key to this dish. It is archetypically evocative of Spring perfumes; the scents of radish and English mace leaves with their vibrant flowers all thicken the air.

The asparagus and the broad beans have a wonderful sweetness and crisp texture, so it’s lovely to keep them in their raw state. The herbs add immense character and structure to this seasonal treat.  Sweet rocket flowers and English mace have a glorious spice, followed by the floral notes of red clover, heart’s ease and radish flowers. The Minutina’s crunchiness and nutty character complements the asparagus perfectly.  We use wall pepper, a member of the stonecrop family, as a seasoning within the dish.

The white chocolate, olive oil and lime emulsion has a sweet, tart and smooth taste which cleanses the palate for these seasonal pleasures.



Salad Ingredients
3 asparagus spears
10 broad beans
6 minutina leaves
8 fresh radish leaves
3 sprigs of chickweed
2 pieces of wall pepper
6 salad Burnett leaves
6 English mace leaves
4 rocket flowers
2 red clover flowers and leaves
2 heartsease flowers
Cornish sea salt flakes

White chocolate mayonnaise ingredients
150g Valrhona white chocolate (melted )
150g grapeseed oil
30g light extra virgin olive oil
60g lemon juice
20g lime juice
20g rice wine vinegar
3 medium large organic free range egg yolks
30g Dijon mustard
8g salt
1g xanthan gum


Create a sabayon with eggs, mustard and vinegar, lemon and lime juices, whisking the mixture until the core temperature reaches 120 degrees. Warm all the oils, including the chocolate, to 140 degrees. Transfer the egg mixture to a blender and emulsify slowly with oils. Add salt and Xanthan gum. If you have one, load the mixture into a thermal syphon and charge with two NO2   cartridges, just to add some extra lightness.

Assembly of dish:

Make fine shavings with a peeler with one of the asparagus spears, blanch the other spears in boiling water for two minutes, cut in half. Mix the fresh broad beans, shaved asparagus and blanched asparagus with olive oil and lemon juice. Season with Cornish sea salt. Arrange the asparagus and herbs in a natural fashion on the plate. Season with olive oil and some white chocolate mayonnaise.

Serves 1