Press Release – October 2019

The Dysart Petersham awarded a Michelin Star 2019

Barny and Kenneth wish to say on behalf of the whole team:

“We are delighted to have received the award of a Michelin Star, this month. The award means a lot to us all.

There is so much we could say, but in essence it’s simple: thanks to Michelin for the recognition and award, to all our customers for their support before and their warm-hearted congratulations after, thanks to our team and thanks to all our friends in the wider hospitality world who have been so generously pleased for us.

Our determination to stick to our values and standards – why we are in this business – is unchanged by the immediate elation and by the award, save that it is now reinforced, if that were possible, by a heightened sense of responsibility in all we do.

We look forward to the continuing pleasure of giving pleasure”.


Our website provides much information about The Dysart Petersham

The Dysart Petersham is driven by a guiding family view, rooted in the values of the lead team of Managing Director, Barny Taylor, and Head Chef, Kenneth Culhane:

  • passion for food, wine, quality ingredients, responsible sourcing, the key role of food, wine and welcome in wellbeing
  • respect for tradition, classical and enduring ways of doing things, respect for ingredients, nature and place, a sustainable footprint, traditional husbandry
  • classical understanding of the necessity for multi-layered and patient development in order to attain a quality product
  • precision and uncompromising attention to detail, with no short cuts
  • caring
  • inspiration from our surroundings in this country village half an hour from Mayfair
  • ethical treatment and welfare of animals, thoughtful and natural cultivation of plants, thoughtful use of resources
  • the importance of old varieties and breeds and the richness that wild herbs, flowers and plants add to our lives
  • the role of beauty, music and a relaxed place for leisurely good company and conversation, with pleasure for all the senses, in enriching hospitality and life

Barny Taylor

Barny is Managing Director and host in the restaurant. He is a long-time resident and lover of Petersham and the open lands and countryside all around us, who enjoys company and conviviality, with a fine and discriminating taste for good food, wine and music. He sets the scene for and establishes the character of the hospitality we offer.

He was invited to join Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe in establishing an UK and Ireland association within the European JRE. This was launched by the JRE international  president, 2 Michelin Starred Chef, Ernesto Iaccarino at a press conference in the Royal Academy, which also launched the English translation of Andeas Döllerer’s cookery book, ‘Cuisine Alpine’ ; more than just a celebration of food, all about life, place, commitment, core values shared by him and The Dysart Petersham.

The World Gourmet Society has held a number of dinners hosted by Barny and Kenneth here at The Dysart Petersham and the pleasures and quality of these, along with the growing understanding of our shared ideals, prompted this invitation.

JRE International’s statement of ideals is simply summarised as:

a ‘Never-Ending Passion’ for innovation, imagination, inspiration, love and care for food and where it comes from, sustainability, biodiversity, honour to cultural heritage through modern food preparation, eating well, sustainably and healthily, creating dreams, emotions and a sense of magic, in essence bringing passion to the enjoyment of life and joy to guests.

It could not be closer to our ideals, Barny’s and Kenneth’s.

Kenneth Culhane

Kenneth has done things his way, in complete tune with Barny, with complete support from within The Dysart Petersham, with quiet determination never to compromise on quality and the old skills and ways of classical cooking in which he has been trained, painstakingly training in turn young chefs in these ways for the future. He brings subtle and inspired updates to these traditions and shows their enduring value in doing so. He brings refined judgement and flair and a complete commitment to flavour, aroma and presentation. He is inspired by his farming background in rural Eire and, like Barny, by the countryside around us. He appreciates the extraordinary setting we have  of countryside in Town, so close to Mayfair.

In 2010 he won membership of an exclusive club – the Roux Scholars whose ties and friendships are enduring. He has worked at Jean Georges Restaurant, New York (3 Michelin stars), Barclays Headquarters, Canary Wharf as sous chef in their Michelin-Star-level restaurant, The Queen’s Club, The Ledbury, Tetsuya Wakuda, Sydney, Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, Dublin and Le Choiseul, Amboise [2 Michelin stars]

Barny and Kenneth are a team of like mind, minded only to do things as well as they can and with an eye always to refined pleasure.       


Some comments about us:


On every visit the Inspectors felt that the kitchen really cares about every single thing it does. It is the chefs’ understanding of classical technique that allows each and every dish to shine
At The Michelin Awards Ceremony – Michelin Guide 2020

This is a wonderful restaurant quietly serving exceptionally stylish food, much like the Dysart itself, that under-promises and over-delivers.
Eater London

Rarely is such technical skill and high gastronomic ambition married to such an all-pervading commitment to sustainability. The product on the plate is World class.
Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery

Kenneth Culhane’s cooking is a beacon in south-west London, his modern approach underpinned by a classical theme and driven by an awareness of the seasons and a grasp of flavour combinations that work.
Good Food Guide 2019

a wonderful evening, the wines were excellent, the food matched them perfectly
International Food and Wine Society [IWFS]

One of the 46 Best of Britain from Skye to Kent and Cornwall

One of the 10 coolest places to eat in the world in 2017
Forbes Magazine

Simplicity at its best.
The Foodaholic

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