The Dysart Petersham Shop

Now available for purchase – parcels of recipes and the ingredients for them – the same as we use from our special suppliers.

Created by Head Chef, Kenneth Culhane, and Managing Director, Barny Taylor.

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As we all face so much uncertainty this Autumn and Winter –  further lock down, our ability to gather with our families and friends, potentially chaotic Brexit process and our ability to source groceries compromised, but without the uplifting blue skies and renewal of nature we enjoyed this Spring, we at The Dysart Petersham have drawn inspiration from the last lockdown for what we could do to help over the colder months. 

What if we could organise recipes and food parcels as we did during the last lockdown, but more widely, both when we are open as usual, and during any lockdown? 

Inspired by Barny and Ken’s voluntary work with the local SOS in the Spring, and the pleasure it gave, we decided we should turn to wider benefit the results of our never-to-be-finished search for special, small, highly individualistic, nature respecting, Great British growers and work with them in a new way.

It has been much said of late that social change that would have taken years to evolve has been accelerated over a few months: changes in shopping patterns, our expectations of the way we live, including disenchantment with standardisation and growing awareness that the huge choice on our supermarket shelves drives unsustainable cultivation and travel patterns, and which somehow never tasted as good as it looked. 

At The Dysart Petersham we only work with the best producers, and we bypass the standard food supply chains. We celebrate the small business producer, their individuality and the inspired quirkiness that produces wonderful results. We have built a great network of such wonderful suppliers. 

What better than to use our work and nurtured relationships – to support these special people with their special vision and commitment – to support the produce of Great Britain and our wonderful countryside, helping bring home the flavour and wellbeing benefits of organic, biodynamic, passionate, compassionate and ‘slow’ production – to champion slow, absorbing, satisfying home cooking and to seek to do our bit to help customers beat any food shortages, reducing a little the need for supermarket visits particularly important for those more vulnerable, and providing the pleasure of home cooking – warmth around the stove for body and soul. 

This is, par excellence, slow food, time spent at a slower pace, opened, cooked and eaten with some sense of slow ceremony.

For us it’s also a great way of keeping in touch with valued friends, forming new friendships and supporting our suppliers who had a hard, uphill struggle last time round and who are only just, and sadly only some of them, getting back on their feet.

We have some exciting further plans for The Dysart Petersham Shop and will keep you posted.

On a final note, we are very pleased with the reception given by our customers to the physical and management measures we put in place before reopening in early July and which have continued to evolve since opening, for the benefit of guests and staff.

All were designed to offer maximum reassurance about the care we brought to the situation and our concern that dining out again after the long months of lockdown should be a matter of joy, within a calm, beautiful, thoughtful and well managed environment.

For so long as the Government allows us, we will remain open to give pleasure.

The Dysart Petersham
September 2020