The Garden at The Dysart


We have planted our garden to provide a lovely outdoor dining room, a fitting setting and foreground for the building and to blend naturally into our surroundings and the views over Richmond Park. South-facing and sheltered, it captures the sun, with dappled shade provided by the trees. We manage it naturally, without chemicals.

On the warm days of late Spring, Summer and early Autumn it becomes an outdoor dining room, for lunch or dinner, candle-lit in the evening, with shawls for the ladies as the evening progresses.

We take bookings for the tables and provide full table service. We keep a table inside too for every reservation, just in case of unexpected Summer showers, or the chill of late evening.

When we have a pianist at our grand piano, or a classical guitarist, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings the music wafts gently through the open windows, or our guitarist plays in the garden.

The garden always has something to provide us with flowers and foliage to add to the flowers in the building. There is always something of interest, from the first fresh greens and blossoms of Spring, through the abundance of Summer, to the colours of Autumn and the shapes of Winter.
Part of the garden can be reserved for private dining or receptions, independently, or in conjunction with the private dining rooms upstairs.

There is wireless broadband throughout the garden.