Inside The Dysart Petersham

The Dysart Petersham is an Arts and Crafts building from 1904 which used high quality building materials, with a wealth of beautiful woods. It has been restored to lend emphasis to as many of the original features as possible, particularly the wood, and with simplicity of decoration to let the original detail speak for itself.

In so many ways the Arts and Crafts movement at the turn of the nineteenth century enshrines the love we have for individual craftsman, fine materials, beautifully composed and innovation, founded on tradition.

The oak bar was not original, but had been in the building for some time. We retained, simplified and restored it when we discovered it had been bought in the 1850s from decommissioned Napoleonic period warships.

The main rooms face south over Richmond Park, with radiant views and are full of sun and patterned reflections of the lavish greenery outside through the leaded glass. On the colder days of the year we have a large log burning stove.

Jackie Taylor also brings nature and our surroundings into the Dysart Petersham, dressing it simply and naturally, using as many as possible of our flowers, cultivated and wild, combining them with the changing foliage around us, from the first Spring buds, blossoms and vibrant green leaves, through the abundance of late Spring and Summer, the richness of Autumn to the marvellously structural bare twigs and branches of Winter. These are created with the essential beauty of the building in mind, with a thought for the relationship between building, garden and surroundings that was important to Arts and Crafts. It was Jackie who created and has nurtured the garden at the front which has done so much to anchor the building happily in the village scene.