Wild Flowers

Jackie has devoted a corner of our garden to meadow flowers with seeds sown and plugs planted each Spring and as hoped with an increasing number of so called ‘weeds’ plants self seeding or now established.

We have enjoyed an abundance of wild flowers/weeds, including: Cornflowers, Fairy Toadflax, Tickseed, Corn Marigold, Black-eyed Susan, Red Orache, Larkspur, Shirley, Californian poppies, salad burnet, white campion, bladder campion, devil’s – bit scabious, harebell, wild marjoram, yarrow, dropwort, clustered bellflower, lady’s bedstraw, wild carrot, cowslip, meadow cranesbill, and field scabious, along with oxeye daisy plants.

It does not look much in the Autumn and Winter, but it is a delight to see the pleasure this planting gives to so many people, adults and children alike, over the warmer months and to spot the first bees attracted by the flowers. It is a quiet pleasure to see parents’ showing and explaining the flowers to their children.

We would like to thank all the people, local and visitors, who stop to look at the changing kaleidoscope of flowers and who write or speak to us about the pleasure they give. Many local people have said to Jackie that they have been inspired by this to sow wild flowers in their garden.

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