We are delighted to have received the award of a Michelin Star

Barny and Kenneth wish to say on behalf of the whole team:

We are delighted to have received the award of a Michelin Star, this month.

There is so much we could say, but its essence is simple: thanks to Michelin for the recognition and award, to all our customers for their support before and their warm-hearted congratulations after, thanks to our team and thanks to all our friends in the wider hospitality world who have been so pleased by this award.

The award means a lot to us all.

Our determination to stick to our values and standards – why we are in this business – is unchanged by the immediate elation and by the award, save that it is now reinforced, if that were possible, by a heightened sense of responsibility in all we do.

We look forward to the continuing pleasure of giving pleasure.



Before getting firmly back to business, we allowed ourselves a small team celebration.

Red, silver and gold was the order of the day.

A much cherished Jeroboam of Gosset Grande Réserve had been kept by Kenneth from the day he became a Roux Scholar, to be opened with a Michelin Star.

It was – and it was the last moment of immense reflection and seriousness for Ken and us all in the evening of celebration. It was easy to see the weight of the moment for Ken in opening this bottle. The bottle has the signatures of the judges who set Ken on his career, some of the finest chefs in the business, names and personalities to be conjured with. The bottle, empty now, and the moment, will stay with Ken forever.

That serious moment of quiet was swiftly balanced when Barny presented Ken with a replacement Jeroboam, same champagne house, Grande Réserve, beautifully painted for us by artist Will Solomon in wildly extravagant reds and golds, somehow summing up the moment.

Seen side by side, the bottles communicate lots of layers of meaning and memories, past and to come. To be kept until another serious moment! Will Solomon added for us the Michelin Star in 18 Karat gold – which shone beautifully in the evening light – a timeless symbol of celebration, another memory for the future.

After that the champagne flowed for the evening!