The Dysart Petersham Bar

We are very pleased to be able once again to welcome you to The Dysart Petersham.

During lockdown we:

  • reviewed the ingredients, dishes, menus, wines and other drinks that have been most popular with our customers, before and since we won our Michelin Star
  • kept in touch with our favourite suppliers, including the English Vineyards that for some time now have provided an interesting choice of outstanding wines
  • planned our Summer menus and wines around these
  • reviewed our cellar; very much at the forefront of our minds were wines that bring out the best of our dishes and dishes that bring out the qualities of the wines, as well as ensuring we have interesting wines, apéritifs, cocktails and digestifs perfect for a welcome and renewed sense of celebration and conviviality.

All can now be enjoyed on Wednesday evenings too for dinner, in response to much prompting from customers. Wednesday dinner service is now open for bookings, along with the other days. Click here to book a table.

Some things have changed

As part of our planning for reopening after lockdown, part of the new way in which we are managing the spaces generally to more than meet Government requirements to address COVID-19, we have made a few changes at the main bar to help protect our customers. 

There are glass screens at each end of the bar, separating it physically, but not visually, from each end of the restaurant. Bar stools have been removed and the bar is now only used as the hub from which the drinks are prepared for guests already seated at their table. No drinks are served directly at the bar. This helps create a much more open space at the entrance and more open circulation throughout. 

For our physical and management measures to address as best we can COVID-19 please see here

Most things have not changed

Barny and Kenneth take the same care in choosing the highest quality produce they can find, adding depth, subtlety and layering of aromas and flavours, both in food, and in drinks.

Both use ingredients from garden, our farmer suppliers, local wild lands, fresh and preserved in our kitchen. 

Many traditional, yet now quite unusual, herbs are used in our drinks. Yet simple staples still reward us. Elderflowers, in abundance round here, are reduced and served with fresh lime and soda. Elderberries are cooked to a syrup and served for a Kir Royale. Raspberries are made into a Collins with Snow Queen vodka and fresh lime juice.

It is possible to drink well and distinctively here with soft drinks, without alcohol, because of our commitment to purity and quality in production values and the advantages of layering with flavours from herbs and fruits.

Our wine list has over 200 interesting bins. Some are chosen for their combination of quality and approachable price, some carefully chosen as the very best examples of “the bottle for that special occasion”. 

All our favourite winemakers share our love of quality, character and natural methods of husbandry and production– and are prepared to go that extra mile to achieve it. Many are quietly producing their wines on organic, or biodynamic principles.

The steady progress in the quality of English wines has allowed us to offer some of the best of our Nation’s wines, including Kenton, Nyetimber, Ridgeview, Nutbourne, Hush Heath and Shawsgate vineyards. 

We have nothing on our wine list simply for name; each item is there because of individual character, or to compliment food.

We create our list of wines by the glass to make a meal here that little bit more special and affordable an experience.

The feeling of inspiration when tasting a wine, then a dish, then tasting them together to find that the combination is far more than the sum of the parts is something we value very highly, and can be experienced with our tasting menu, or by individual recommendations from our team.

The addition of Coravin has allowed us to offer, and customers to enjoy some exceptional wines.

Several high profile commentators have described our list as “priced very kindly”  (Andy Hayler) and “an ungreedy wine list” (Marina O’Loughlin). 

We bring the same approach to our choice of apéritifs, cocktails, spirits and beers. All styles are represented, from Scottish single malts to Japanese malt whisky and sake and with an outstanding selection of unusual and delightful vodkas and gins, each with its own distinctive character.  We have beer pairings with our tasting menu, drawing on our specialist beers.


Each year we have hosted a small number of private wine dinners where we have shown the pleasures of pairing food and wine. The last one was in February this year. 

Plans for another wine dinner this year are on hold at the moment as we become used to the management of The Dysart Petersham in accordance with COVID-19 requirements and await news on progress in controlling the virus. 

However, although the format of the wine dinners would have to change a little, it is easy to see how wine dinners could be resumed in the Autumn/Winter if circumstances are right. We already restrict the number of guests and all sit at their own table. The owner of the vineyard, or the winemaker, introduces the wines from a central point as each course is served and will be able to talk with guests at individual tables as we do, socially distanced.   

We will announce a new wine dinner, just as soon as we feel it right to do so and when we do it will almost certainly be with an English vineyard because of travel issues.

In the meantime, our archive of wine dinners is available here.

We hold only a few wine dinners each year as so much creative effort is devoted to them, from us and from the Vineyard. 

Our wine dinners emerge from a thoughtful and creative process:

  • the vineyard provides its range of wines and different vintages for us to try
  • the wines are individually selected by Barny and Kenneth, working with the winemaker to ensure that the wines are representative of their House
  • the ingredients and the flavours available at peak quality in the season at the time of the dinner are discussed and chosen with a view to the wines’ and the flavours’ drawing out the best qualities of each other and sometimes, never slavishly, doffing the hat to traditional flavours associated with the wine producing region
  • from this the order of wines and the dishes is created and the balance adjusted to work across the meal as a whole
  • the same process applies to the vegetarian menu.
  • the wine maker and producer, often a member of the House family,  attends to help introduce the wines.

Some flavours and dishes have surprised the wine makers in anticipation, but delighted them on the evening and have been feted for showing added dimensions to the wine. Jean Trimbach, the twelfth generation of the family to make Grands Vins d’Alsace, F.E. Trimbach, was one such and congratulated Barny and Kenneth for a “fabulous experience and gastronomic pleasure”. Guigal expressed great admiration for the way in which the wines were matched and offered in a surprising sequence that worked beautifully.

The refinement and in some cases unusual nature of the pairings of dishes and wines convinced the International Wine and Food Society [UK] to award us their Award of Excellence and suggest us to help found the UK chapter of JRE.


For further information or to book a place at our next wine dinner please email us at or call Barny Taylor on 
07967 481625. 



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