Beers, ciders, soft drinks

Freedom Organic Helles Lager, Staffordshire, England 4.8%abv (330ml) £4.50
Flensburger Pilsener, Germany 4.8%abv (330ml) £4.75
Kirin Ichiban, Japan 5%abv (330ml) £4.75
Curious Brew Lager, Chapel Down, Kent 4.7%abv (330ml) £4.75
Einstok White Ale, Iceland 5.2%abv (330ml) £5.50
Entropia Blonde Ale, Hibu Brewery, Milan, Italy 4.5%abv (330ml)) £5.75
Bellerose Biere Blonde Extra, France 6.5%abv (330ml) £5.75
Hammerpot Pale Ale, Sussex 4.1%abv (500ml) £5.25
Twickenham Fine Ales Grandstand 3.8%abv (500ml) £5.25
Twickenham Fine Ales Red Head 4.1%abv (500ml) £5.25
Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale, Australia 4.5%abv (375ml) £4.95
Goose Island IPA, Chicago, USA 5.9%abv (355ml) £5.50
Erdinger Low Alcohol Wheat Beer, Germany, 0.4%abv (500ml) £3.75
Schneider Weisse, Tap7, Unser Original, Germany 5.4%abv (500ml) £6.95
Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout, 4.5%abv (500ml) £5.95
Meantime Chocolate Porter, London 6.5%abv (330ml) £5.75
Reveler Cider, Orchard Pig, Somerset 4.5%abv (500ml) £5.50
Willy’s Medium Dry Cider, Wonky Barn, Herefordshire 4%abv (500ml) £6.00
Coca cola £2.50
Diet coke £2.50
Fever Tree Ginger Beer £2.50
Pago orange juice (200ml) £2.75
Eager fruit juices £1.75
Hildon mineral water (glass) £1.40
Hildon mineral water (750ml bottle) £3.50
Lime and soda (glass) £2.50
Bottlegreen cordials (Elderflower, Ginger and Lemongrass) £1.00
Fever Tree additive free mixers £2.25
Tea and coffee
Drury Teas (selection) £3.00
Fresh Mint tea £3.00
Drury coffee
Ethiopian Mocha Djimmah or Peruvian Light Roast Arabica
Cappuccino £3.00
Latte £3.00
Filter coffee £3.00
Espresso £3.00
Double espresso £3.00

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Please note, some products are only available in small quantities