Digestifs & spirits

All spirits served in 25ml measures unless stated

Maxim Trijol VS, 40%abv £4.00
Rich, intense, fruity and floral
Maxim Trijol VSOP, Grand Champagne 40%abv £5.80
Floral character, purity and full flavour typical of Grande Champagne cognacs
Domaine de la Grolette, Très Vieille Réserve, Borderies 40%abv £7.00
Rich, full bodied Cognac with subtle notes of violets
Leyrat Lot 71, Chai de la Distillerie, Fins Bois 40%abv £10.50
Sweet spice, floral and fragrant with an incredibly oily richness and a long developing finish
Le Reviseur XO Single Estate Cognac, Fine Petite Champagne 40%abv £13.00
Soft oak and vanilla on the nose with delicate liquorice on the palate
Ragnaud Sabourin No. 35, Fontvieille, Grande Champagne 43%abv £15.00
The perfect Cognac, superb balance with complexity and an unctuous richness
Armagnac Baron de Sigognac 10 ans d’âge Bas Armagnac 40%abv £5.65
Robust, rustic and earthy with dried fruit notes and vanilla undertones
Folle Blanche Bas Armagnac, Clos Martin 1987, Single Cépage 40%abv £8.50
Velvety layered almost floral Armagnac with good dried fruit notes
Bas Armagnac, Château du Tariquet 1985 43%abv £15.50
Rich, intense spices on the nose, creamy butterscotch on the palate
Henry de Querville 40%abv £4.00
Fresh and creamy with toffee apple notes – excellent balance
Dupont VSOP, Calvados du Pays d’Auge 42%abv £6.00
Vibrant, youthful fresh apple character with the subtlest hint of vanilla
Adrien Camut Réserve de Semainville, Pays d’Auge 40%abv £17.50
Butterscotch, caramel and stewed apples – complex and very long.
The Compass Box Asyla, Deluxe Blend 40%abv £6.00
Soft, rich, vanilla-tinged and delicious
The Compass Box Great King Street, Artist’s Blend 43%abv £6.00
Full flavoured with spiced vanilla and oak
The Compass Box Peat Monster 46%abv £6.00
Does what it says on the tin!
Mortlach 1995 18 year aged, Speyside 46%abv £9.00
Soft vanilla-edged whisky with a gentle spiced finish
Benrinnes 1995 Port Finish 18 year aged, Speyside 46%abv £9.00
One of only 360 bottles produced, finished in port casks for depth of flavour
Evan Williams Extra Aged, Kentucky, USA 40%abv £4.00
A charcoal filtered straight Bourbon whiskey
Teeling Small Batch Rum Cask Finish Whiskey, Dublin, Ireland 46%abv £4.75
Sweet and smooth – “dare to be different!”
Eau de Vie de Poire William Grande Réserve, Alsace, France 43%abv £6.50
Intense aroma of ripe pear with a hint of honey and menthol. Unctuous, rich concentrated pear palate.
Framboise Sauvage Grande Réserve, Alsace, France 43%abv £6.50
Intense jammy raspberry character.
Vieille Prune Grande Réserve, Alsace, France 40%abv £6.50
Big notes of plum and almonds with vanilla undertones
Haymans London Dry Gin, 40%abv £3.00
Grain gin containing 10 botanicals.
Beckett’s London Dry Gin, Kingston 40%abv £3.75
Distilled with Kingston mint and Box Hill juniper – served with fresh mint
Citadelle Wheat Gin, France, 44abv% £4.00
Triple distilled gin infused with 19 botanicals from all around the world
Berkeley Square Gin, London 40%abv £4.25
London gin with basil, lavender and kaffir lime leaves
Death’s Door Gin 2011, Washington Island, Wisconsin USA 47%abv £5.75
Hand crafted classic. Uses only 3 botanicals – juniper, coriander and fennel
Beckett’s Sloe Gin, Kingston 40%abv £3.75
Distilled with Kingston mint and Box Hill juniper, infused with Box Hill Sloe berries
Grappa Moscato, Bepi Tosolini, Italy, 40%abv £4.95
A grapey fragrant grappa
Most Acquavite da Mosto D’Uva, Bepi Tosolini, 40%abv £6.50
Floral, fragrant and very delicate.
Grappa Barrique di Tocai, Castagno, Bepi Tosolini, Italy, 40%abv £11.50
Wonderfully floral, complex, soft grappa with notes of peaches and apricots
Moskovskaya, Latvia, 38%abv £3.00
Charcoal filtered and triple distilled grain vodka
Square One Rye Vodka, Idaho, USA 41%abv £4.75
Naturally rich and smooth American rye vodka
Snow Queen Vodka, Kazakhstan 40%abv £4.50
A sophisticated 5-time distilled wheat vodka
Golovkine Vodka, France 40%abv £5.00
A wheat vodka of Russian inspiration and French production expertise
Black Cow, Pure Milk Vodka, West Dorset 40%abv £4.25
Smooth and creamy – great over ice
Cold River Potato Vodka, Maine, USA 40%abv £7.00
Super premium 100% potato vodka, ideal for Martinis.
Doorly’s Macaw Rum, Barbados, 40%abv £3.50
Refreshing, fruity and aromatic white rum
Doorly’s Fine 5 Year Old Golden Rum, Barbados, 40%abv £3.75
Brown rum distilled from fermented molasses. A standard of good taste in Barbados
Rhum Bally 1998, Vieux Rhum Agricole de la Martinique, 43%abv £9.00
Intense sugar cane juice character with tremendous complexity
Cachaça Cambéba 7 year aged, Brazil 39%abv £5.00
Citrus, apricots and oak in this fine aged Cachaça
Lunazul, 100% de agave, 40%abv £4.00
Great mixto – good agave notes – ideal for margueritas et al
Campo de Encanto Acholado Pisco, Peru 40.5%abv £4.25
Vibrant, pure grape spirit – peaches, almonds, chocolate
Sambuca Classica, Italy 38%abv £3.20
El Massaya Arak, Lebanon 53%abv £5.00
Coole Swan Irish Cream Liqueur, Dublin, Ireland 16%abv 50ml £5.00
Amaretto Veneziano, Salizá, Bepi Tosolini, Italy 28%abv 50ml £6.50
Made from refined almond and natural ingredients
Limoncello Italia, 30%abv 50ml £5.75
Made from Southern Italian Amalfi lemons, distilled using Northern Italian distillate
Exprè Coffee Liqueur, Bepi Tosolini 28%abv 50ml £6.20
Made from roasted Arabica coffee
Crème de Noisette, Edmond Briottet, Dijon, France 25%abv 50ml £5.00
Classic hazelnut liqueur
Unicum, Zwack, Hungary 40%abv 25ml £4.00
Secret recipe Hungarian herb liqueur