Wine dinners – choosing the wines and creating the menus

We are pleased to welcome some of the most interesting winemakers from around the world for our wine dinners, representing wines chosen for our wine cellar by Barny, both new wines made in new ways, and long established names, offering traditional qualities, but in no way strangers themselves to new learning.

Our wine dinners emerge from a thoughtful and creative process:

  • the wines are individually selected by Barny and Kenneth,  working with the winemaker to ensure that the wines are representative of their House
  • the ingredients and the flavours available at peak quality in the season at the time of the dinner are discussed and chosen with a view to the wines’ and the flavours’ drawing out the best qualities of each other and sometimes, never slavishly, doffing the hat to traditional flavours associated with the wine producing region
  • from this the order of wines and the dishes is created and the balance adjusted to work across the meal as a whole
  • the same process applies to the vegetarian menu.

The wine maker and producer, often a member of the House family, attends to help introduce the wines.

Some flavours and dishes have surprised the wine makers in anticipation, but delighted them on the evening and have been feted for showing added dimensions to the wine. Jean Trimbach, the twelfth generation of the family to make Grands Vins d’Alsace, F.E. Trimbach, was one such and congratulated Barny and Kenneth for a “fabulous experience and gastronomic pleasure”. Guigal expressed great admiration for the way in which the wines were matched and offered in a surprising sequence that worked beautifully.

The refinement and in some cases unusual nature of the pairings of dishes and wines convinced the International Wine and Food Society [UK] to award us their Award of Excellence and suggest us to help found the UK chapter of JRE.


For further information or to book a place at our next wine dinner please email us at or call Barny Taylor on 
07967 481625.